American Pharmaceuticles VS Canadian Pharmcy

American Medications in comparison to Canadian and Eastern Pharmaceuticles

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Abbott , Merrick and companies like Purdue make many medications in different dosages and variations to match the country they will be offered in . Canadian oxycontin 80 mg  ( oxycodone 80) is sold with the imprint CDN 80 but is the same formula as the American counterpart.  When oxycontin 80 no prescription was first released on the market in Canada it was cdn 60 milligram  and only the US pharmacies distributed buy oxycontin 80. When Canadians complained about the low dosage restriction they were given buy oxycontin 160 milligram. A number of different dosage tables have been introduced in Canada that American preffered , most of all American seniors enjoyed the price of Canadian medications. Canadian medication parties were thrown in the early 90s as  healthcare homes for the geriatric to help senior citizens save money .